ВОЗ: Международная классификация болезней

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Международная классификация болезней содержит тысячи кодов, используемых во всем мире для классификации болезней и проблем, связанных со здоровьем, и для формирования статистических данных, необходимых для мониторинга тенденций в области здравоохранения, планирования медицинского обслуживания и принятия решений в отношении финансирования систем здравоохранения. Почему МКБ так важна для глобального здравоохранения? Вы узнаете об этом, посмотрев наш видеосюжет.

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It all starts with the cook it doesn't. Look like much just a few letters and numbers but it's a very important code because.

It's about a person's health it's about. A pregnancy a birth a disease an injury an outbreak a death it's a code with the long and winding journey?

It starts with one person in one hospital! Or clinic but it doesn't end there it joins up with other codes in databases in cities regions and countries it becomes a! Small but important part of a big picture it's used to monitor the health of populations.

Large and small to plan how services are delivered: And resources are allocated to help diagnose diseases and detect changing disease patterns and where does this code.

Come from the International classification of diseases or ICD ICD is a common language used all over the world by doctors nurses. Policymakers researchers and many others to classify diseases and conditions so they have the best possible picture of everyone's health.

Around the world more than 100 countries use ICD to record the reasons people die to monitor:

The health of their populations and to help make financing decisions! About their health systems the world needs better.

Health data and ICD is delivering it it's another: Way the World Health Organization is building a healthier world.

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